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Energy Summit 2022 – 8th and 9th December 2022

Energy Summit 2022, this year’s edition of IIT Madras Energy Consortium’s flagship event, will be held in Chennai on Dec 8 & 9, 2022.

The themes for this year’s summit are:

  • Energy Efficiency, Economics and Climate Finance
  • CO2 capture technologies, utilization and storage
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Renewable integration and storage
  • Transitional energy pathways


Call for abstracts

Following the success of the inaugural Energy Summit in 2021, the 2nd Energy Summit and Conference will be conducted showcasing the emerging technologies and enabling dialogues on climate action in India and the world. Join us and participate in fascinating lectures, panel discussions and interactive sessions with fellow researchers from academia and industries all across the globe to combat climate change and a sneak peek into exciting future directions in energy technologies. Abstracts on the following themes are invited for the oral and poster presentations at the Energy Summit 2022.

Theme 1: Energy Efficiency, Economics and Climate Finance.

  • Industrial Energy efficiency, heat pumps, building energy systems, electrification of heating.
  • Role of green finance in renewable energy development.
  • Obstacles for renewable energy financing and solutions.
  • Innovative and market-based instruments and renewable energy.
  • Green finance policy design and effectiveness evaluation.
  • Role of governments in unlocking private investments in renewable energy.
  • Role of new technologies in easing green finance for renewable energy development.
  • Econometric models of climate change.
  • Measuring the social cost of carbon.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of climate finance under different institutional and environmental contexts.
  • Investor demand for climate finance opportunities.
  • Theoretical and applied contributions to sustainability-growth nexus in the sector.
  • Innovative and market-based instruments and energy efficiency.

Theme 2: CO2 capture technologies, utilisation and storage

  • Novel sorbents and amine-based solvents for CO2 capture.  
  • Process intensification and novel reactor design for CO2 capture.
  • Low-cost, durable membranes for CO2 capture.
  • Thermo-catalytic conversion of CO2 to fuels/chemicals. 
  • Photoelectrochemical conversion of CO2 to fuels/ chemicals. 
  • Geological CO2 sequestration in saline aquifers. 
  • Gas hydrates for deep ocean storage of CO2.
  • CO2 in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). 
  • Biological sequestration.

Theme 3: Hydrogen economy

  • Hydrogen value chain: Make, Move, Store, Use. 
  • Hydrogen cost structure impacts end-user adoption.
  • Energy carriers for hydrogen: NH3, Methanol, Methane, Urea, etc.
  • Component development:
    • Electrolyzers and materials for green hydrogen generation
    • Hydrogen storage​ (Mechanical, chemical, and other routes)
    • Transport (materials, methods including blending)

Theme 4: Renewable integration and storage

  • Load balancing.
  • Electronics associated with renewable source/energy storage/load integration.
  • DC grids.
  • Policy related matters.
  • Integration of solar panels and wind turbines to energy storage devices (e.g., batteries).

Theme 5: Transitional energy pathways

  • Underground coal gasification. 
  • Methane pyrolysis. 
  • Coal-bed methane.
  • Methane from gas hydrates.
  • Shale oil and shale gas. 
  • Geothermal energy.


To submit an abstract, your need to have the following content ready

  • Theme:  Select the appropriate research theme
  • Title: A suitable title reflecting your study
  • Authors: Name of the authors and co-authors 
  • Speaker: Name the presenter
  • Content: Write or upload the abstract of your talk (500-word maximum excluding references)
  • References: give a brief list of important references from the abstract (if any)

Selected presentations will be asked to submit a full-length

paper to be published in peer-review journals.

Important dates 

  • Abstract submission starting date: 6/05/2022
  • Abstract submission ending date: 31/08/2022
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Registration Page – Energy Summit 2022

Fees Details 

Students/Post-doc Registration: Rs. 2000/-

Student/Post-doc Early Bird Registration*: Rs. 1000/-

Academic Registration: Rs. 3000/-

Academic Early Bird Registration*: Rs. 1800/-

Industry Registration: Rs. 5000/-

Industry Early Bird Registration*: Rs. 3750/-

*Last date for Early Bird Registration(Student/Post-doc, Academic, Industry): 31/08/2022

Last date for Registration: 31/10/2022

  • Registration fee includes the participation in the conference and summit, publication of the contribution, conference attendance e-certificate, lunch and dinner during conference, badge, conference accessories and coffee breaks.
  • The accommodation will be provided to the early bird registered students at IITM hostels on request*
  • Cancellations and refunds of the registration fees are not allowed.
  • *Accommodation fee is not included in the registration fee.

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