Devendra Jalihal


Electrical Engineering ,

2006-present: Professor

+91-44 2257 4418

Research Areas

  • Statistical Signal Processing

  • Detection and Estimation Theory

  • Digital Communication

Selected Journal Publications

  • Variable Length Coding for Asynchronous Communication Dani V.;Jalihal D.;Ramaiyan V. Article IEEE Communications Letters, Volume 24, Year 2020, Pages 2157-2161 

  • Optimal frame synchronization under general arrivals Ramamoorthy M.S.;Jalihal D.;Ramaiyan V. Article IEEE Transactions on Communications, Volume 66, Year 2018, Pages 5704-5717 

  • On sequential frame synchronization with clock misalignment Dani V.;Gupta C.;Jalihal D.;Ramaiyan V. Conference Paper IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC, Volume 2018-April, Year 2018, Pages 1-6 

  • Solar-DC micro-grids for multi-storied building complexes in emerging nations Jhunjhunwala, Ashok;Kaur, Prabhjot;Jalihal, Devendra Article International Journal of Power Electronics, Volume 9, Year 2018, Pages 274-286 

  • Finite-SNR outage analysis for MIMO channels with imperfect channel state information Lavanis, Nandita;Jalihal, Devendra;Kannu, Arun Pachai;Bhashyam, Srikrishna Article Physical Communication, Volume 22, Year 2017, Pages 58-64 

Research Projects

  • Signal Processing, Wireless Communication


  •  Method And Apparatus For Scanning And Estimating Moisture In Soil Sakthivelu K,In | Arunkumar G,In | Jalihal Devendra,In Patent No. Wo2017145180a1  Published Filed 2017-02-14  Published 2017-08-31

  • Cropland-Centric Proximity Soil Moisture Scanning Device Sakthivelu K. | Jalihal Devendra | Arunkumar G. Patent No. In201641006149a  Published Filed 2016-02-23  Published 2017-09-08


Awards & Recognitions