Ramaprabhu S

Chair Professor, (Emeritus)

Physics ,

2016-present: E G Ramachandran Institute Chair Professor

2004-2016: Professor

2000-2004: Associate Professor

1993-2000: Assistant Professor

044 - 2257 4862



Research Areas

  • Synthesis of CNT

  • Graphene, PEMFC

  • RT Na-S, Li-S, Li-Air, Al ion; Fe ion; Fe-Air battery

  • SC, gas sensors,SHM,

  • Hydrogen storage

  • CO2 capture and conversion

  • Water purification, nano-lubricants 

  • Exploring 2D atomic layers that go beyond graphene

Selected Journal Publications

  • Anamika Ghosh, V Srinivas, S Kavita, Sundara Ramaprabhu Evolution of Microstructure and Magnetic Properties from Amorphous Fe3O4/SiO2, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2022, Elsevier, Accepted.

  • Guruprasad Hegde, Sundara Ramaprabhu A Flexible, Ceramic Rich-Solid Electrolyte for Room Temperature Sodium Sulfur Battery, ChemComm, 2022, RSC, Accepted.

  • Dhanya A R, Dipsikha Ganguly, Sundara Ramaprabhu High temperature annealed (002) oriented WO3 nanoplatelets with uniform Pt decoration as durable carbon free anode electrocatalyst for PEMFC application, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2022, Elsevier, Accepted. 

  • Sharad Kumar Yadav, Sundara Ramaprabhu, Pramoda Kumar Nayak Design and Development of an Automated Experimental Setup for Ion Transport Measurements, Review of Scientific Instruments, 2022, AIP, Accepted. 

  • Anamika Ghosh, Sana Fathima T.K., Sundara Ramaprabhu Effect of coordinated solvent molecules in Cu-MOF on enzyme free sensing of glucose and lactate in physiological pH, Journal of Electrochemical Soceity, 2022, IOP Science, Accepted.

  • Sana Fathima T.K., Sundara Ramaprabhu A novel, highly sensitive electrochemical 1,4-dioxane sensor based on reduced graphene oxide-curcumin nanocomposite, RSC Advances, 2022, RSC, Accepted.

  • Kumaran Rengaswamy, Vinaya Kumar A, Ramaprabhu S, Subramanian  Venkatachalam Effective attenuation of electromagnetic waves by Ag adorned MWCNT-polybenzoxazine composites for EMI shielding application, Composites Science and Technology, 2022, Elsevier, Accepted. 

  • Nisha Ranjan, Mamta Sham Lal, Kamaraj Muthusamy, Sundara Ramaprabhu Tribological study of iron infused carbon tubes additive in gearbox, engine, and vegetable-based lubricants, Tribology International , 2022, Elsevier, Accepted. 

  •  Sana Fathima T.K., Sundara Ramaprabhu Evaluating the Origin of the Electrocatalytic Activity of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes towards Vitamin D3 Oxidation, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2022, Elsevier, Accepted.

  • Mamta Sham Lal, Sundara Ramaprabhu Electrospun porous carbon nanofibers/TiO2 composite coated over carbon cloth- A flexible electrode for capacitive deionization, Ceramics International, 2022, Elsevier, Accepted. 

  • Guruprasad Hegde, Sundara Ramaprabhu Entropy Stabilized Oxide Nanocrystals as Reaction Promoters in Li-O2 Batteries, Batteries & Supercaps, 2022, Wiley, Accepted. 

  • Mamta Sham Lal, Sundara Ramaprabhu High areal capacitance of flexible supercapacitors fabricated with carbon cloth-carbon fiber-TiO2 electrodes and different hydrogel polymer electrolytes, Journal of The Electrochemical Society , 2022, IOP Science, Accepted. 

  • Mamta Sham Lal, Sundara Ramaprabhu Multifunctional high entropy oxides incorporated functionalized biowaste derived activated carbon for electrochemical energy storage and desalination, Electrochimica Acta, 2022, Elsevier, 405, 139828. 

Research Projects

  • Carbon nanotubes as catalyst support in PEM, Direct Methanol, Direct Ethanol and Micro Fuel Cells

  • CNT based Nanolubricants, Nanofluids and Magnetic Nanofluids

  • Development of Carbon nanotubes based Energy Storage Devices: Li-ion, Na-ion, Al-ion, Li-S, Na-S, Li-O2 batteries, and Supercapacitors

  • Field emission applications of carbon nanotubes

  • Nano Materials for EMI Shielding

  • Nano Materials for Solar Cell Applications

  • Production of Hydrogen by Photo-electrochemical methods

  • Switchable mirrors and optical shutters

  • Environmental Applications of Hybrid Nano Materials: Water purification, CO2 Capture and Conversion into Useful chemicals

  • Carbon Nanomaterial Based Biosensors: Cholesterol, Organophosphorus, Glucose sensing

  • Development of Carbon Nanomaterial Based Gas Sensors: Hydrogen, NOx sensors

  • Development of Polymer-Carbon Nanocomposite Based Strain Sensors

  • Design and development of metal hydride storage devices

  • Diffusion of hydrogen in alloys

  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Advanced Nanomaterials Science

  • Hydrogen in Metals, alloys, nano-composites and carbon nanotubes

  • Novel methods of synthesis of Graphene, Carbon Nanotube and other Carbon Based Nanostructures

  • Nano technology, Hydrogen storage, Energy Applications, Environmental Applications, Nanofluids & Nanolubricants, biomedical, Sensors


  • Hetero-atom induced ferromagnetism in antiferromagnetic hematite, Ramaprabhu Sundara, Dipsikha Ganguly, Anamika Ghosh (PCT/IN2019/050751), 9 October, 2019.

  • Iron ion rechargble battery and method of making thereof, Ajay Piriya and S.Ramparabhu. TEMP/E-1/11633/2019-CHE (Ref.20191010965), PCT/IN2019/050373, 12 April 2019.

  • Fe/Fe3C Encapsulated N-CNT electrode for electrochemical applications and method of preparation thereof, Sreetama Ghosh, Garapati Meenakshi Sheshadhri, Sundara Ramaprabhu, (Ref:201841045891), PCT/IN2019/050766, 5 December 2018.

  • Diatom based hybrid nanocomposites, V. Sangeetha and S. Abinaya , Ramaprabhu S, US ; IN-874766, 2014.

  • Chemically modified and functionalized carbon nanocomposites for simultaneous CO2 conversion and electricity production, P. Tamilarasan and S. Ramaprabhu IN-867953-01-(2014)


  • Novel synthesis methods of graphene quantum dots with blue emission and with its hybrid composite, S. Ramaprabhu, Tessy Theres Baby and Adarsh Kaniyoor (IN-842420)

  • Green approach for the large-scale synthesis of metal/metal oxide Nanoparticles decorated carbon nanotubes, S. Ramaprabhu, Mridula Baro, Pranati Nayak and Tessy Theres Baby (2012)(IN-839260).

  •  Graphene functionalized carbon nanotube polymer composites and methods for their preparation and use, S. Ramaprabhu, V Eswaraiah, S S  Jyothirmayee Aravind and Krishnan Balasubramaniam, India: 2468/CHE/201221.06.2012.

  • Metal-alloy graphene nanocomposites and methods for their preparation and use, S. Ramaprabhu, Vinayan B P, N. Rajalakshmi and Rupali Nagar, PCT: PCT/IB2012/001523, India: 1642/CHE/2012, 08.08.2012, 26.04.2012.

  • Metal nanoparticle-graphene composites and methods for their preparation and use, S. Ramaprabhu, Vinayan B P and Rupali Nagar  US: 13/407,337, India: 2753/CHE/2012, 28.02.2012, 07.07.2012.

  • Transition metal oxide decorated Graphene nanocomposites for field emission, S.Ramaprabhu and Tessy Theres Baby (US Patent, accepted (2011).

  • Graphene composites with dispersed metal or metal oxide, S Ramaprabhu, V Eswaraiah and S S  Jyothirmayee Aravind, India: 3506/CHE/201225.08.2012.

  • Production of Graphene using electromagnetic radiation, S Ramaprabhu, V Eswaraiah and S S  Jyothirmayee Aravind, US: 13/226,32106.09.2011.

  • Nanofluids coolants, S Ramaprabhu and S S  Jyothirmayee Aravind,PCT: PCT/IB2011/003101, India: 3590/CHE/2011, 21.12.2011, 19.10.2011.

  • Polyaniline-graphite nanoplatelet materials, S. Ramaprabhu and Ashish Kumar Mishra, PCT: PCT/IB2011/003083, US : 13/581,616, India: 3592/CHE/2011, 19.12.2011, 19.10.2011, 19.10.2011.

  • Electrode and/or capacitor formation, S. Ramaprabhu and Ashish Kumar Mishra, PCT: PCT/IB2011/001689, India: 1855/CHE/2011, 20.07.2011, 31.05.2011.

  • Graphene formation, S. Ramaprabhu, Adarsh K and Tessy Theres Baby S: 13/160,91615.06.2011.

  • Methods and systems for separating ions from fluids, S. Ramaprabhu and Ashish Kumar Mishram, US: 13/014,496 , 26.01.2011.

  • Nanocomposites including carbon nanotubes having metal nanoparticles, S. Ramaprabhu and Neetu Jha S: 12/909,54721.10.2010.

            INDIAN PATENTS

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Based Flexible Strain Sensor and Method Of Preparation Thereof, Sundara Ramaprabhu, Krishnan Balsubramainam, Vetrivel Sankar, (Ref: 202241015602),  March 21, 2022.

  • Sodium-Ion Conducting Solid Electrolyte Membrane And Battery Thereof, Sundara Ramaprabhu, Guruprasad Shridhar Hegde, (Ref.  20224101666), March 24, 2022.

  • Lithium Ion Battery with Magnetic Anode Material , Ramaprabhu Sundara, Dipsikha Ganguly, Ajay Piriya V. S. (Ref. 201941036003  ), 6 September 2019.

  • Strain Sensor For Wearable Electronics And Method Of Preparation Thereof, Ramaprabhu Sundara, Krishnan Balasubramanian, Vetrivel S. (Ref. 201941015175), 16 April 2019.

  • Multiwalled carbon nanotube electrode and method of synthesis thereof, Ramaprabhu Sundara,  Ajay Piriya V.S, Meenakshi Seshadhri Garapati. (Ref.201941000774), 08 January 2019.

  • Method of synthesizing Graphene quantum dots.  Ramaprabhu S., Meenakshi Sheshadhri, Ajay Piriya V.S (Ref:201841043694) , 16 November 2018.

  • Hetero-Atom Induced Ferromagnetism in antiferromagnetism Hematite, Ramaprabhu Sundara, Dipsikha Ganguly, Anamika Ghosh (Ref:201841038764) ,  12 October, 2018.

  • Device And Method To Study Electrochemical Properties Of Membranes Under Strain, Vasumathy Ravishankar,Manu Jaiswal, Sundara Ramaprabhu (Ref:201841020950), 5 June 2018.

  • Synthesis of highly nitrogen doped carbon nanostructures, S. Ramaprabhu and Rashmi Chandrabhan Shende (Ref:201641029179) , August 26,2016.

  • Nitrogen modified graphene as additive for fan lube oil lubricant, S Ramaprabhu and V. Jayan, NTPC (Ref: 2971DEL-2015).

  • Palladium-Cobalt alloy nanopartioclesdecorated Graphitic Carbon Nitride as high capacity Hydrogen storage material, S. Ramaprabhu and Asalatha(Ref: 3497/CHE/2015)  July 8, 2015.

  • Method of producing metal-free atomic hydrogenated ferromagnetic substances, S. Ramaprabhu, Asalatha and Anitha N (Ref: 5188/CHE/2014) October 15, 2014.

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  • High Performance Electro-catalyst for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, S. Ramaprabhu and B. P. Vinayan (Patent filed (2013)).

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  • Graphene based hydrogen storage nanomaterial, S. Ramaprabhu and B. P. Vinayan (Ref:3732/ Che/2012).

  • Highly magnetized zero hysteresis loss core material for improved performance of transformers Krishna, Sabareesh R and Sumitesh Das, Jyothirmayee Aravind and Ramaprabhu S (Patent filed with TATA STEEL) (Ref: 298/KOL/2012).

  • Enhanced Thermal management system for Fuel Cell applications using Nanofluid Coolant, S. Ramaprabhu and Tessy Theres Baby, (Parent filed with CFCT, chennai) (Ref:1745/DEL/2012).

  • Thermal enhancement of heat exchange fluid with two dimensional nanomaterials, S. Ramaprabhu and Tessy Theres Baby, (Patent filed with TATA STEEL) (Ref: 1280/KOL/2010).

  • Chemically exfoliated spacerless graphite oxide for cancer treatment and drug delivery.  S. Ramaprabhu and T. Arockiadoss (349/CHE/2009).


Awards & Recognitions

  • Thomson Reuters Research Excellence India Citation Award 2015 by Thomson Reuters

  • 2009 Edition of Who's Who in the world

  • Laskar (Best thesis) award of Physics Department: 7 Ph.D.

  • Best Energy thesis award of Physics Department: 1 Ph.D.

  • Institute Research award: 4 Ph.D.

  • Bhagyalakshmi & Krishna Ayengar Award for guiding best B.Tech. project in the field of Alternative Energy Applications (2008)

  • Bhagyalakshmi & Krishna Ayengar Award for guiding best M.Tech. project in the field of Alternative Energy Applications (2007)

  • Bhagyalakshmi & Krishna Ayengar Award for guiding best Ph.D. project in the field of Alternative Energy Applications (2006)

  • Bhagyalakshmi & Krishna Ayengar Award for guiding best Ph.D., B.Tech. project in the field of Alternative Energy Applications (2004)

        Fellowship (s)/Associateship(s)

  • E. G. Ramachandran Institute Chair (2016-)

  •  Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) (2018) 

  • Fellow of the Academy of Sciences, Chennai (2018) 

  • Alexander von Humboldt- Stiftung (AvH) Fellow (awarded by Humboldt Foundation, Germany) 

  • DAAD Fellow (Germany) 

  • Chair Elect of American Nano Society (India) (2014) 

  • Distinguished Guest Visiting Professor to JAIST, Japan. 

  • Visiting Fellow to Germany by BMBF & DFG German Science Foundations 

  • Visiting Fellow to Japan (JAIST) 

  • Visting Fellow to France (University of Toulouse) 

  • Nano Digest:- Editorial Advisory Board 

  • Editorial Board:- Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (JNN) 

  • Editor: Graphene (2013-2015) 

  • Member of American Chemical Society 

  • Member of Electrochemical society 

  • Member of Magnetic Society of India 

  • Member of Metallurgical Society of India

        Books and Chapters


  •   Chapter 7. Effect of Polymeric Binders on the Sodium-Ion Storage Performance of Positive and Negative Electrode Materials. Author: Ramaprabhu S, Ajay Piriya V.S. Editors: Rohit R. Gaddam and X. S. (George) Zhao. Publisher: Jenny Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd Copyright © 2022.
  •    GRAPHENE: THE WONDER MATERIAL Authors: Dr. S. Ramaprabhu and Dr. Rupali Nagar Publisher: SAMS publishers, Chennai 
  •     NANO-SCALE MATERIALS:FROM SCIENCE TO TECHNOLOGY Editors: S.N.Sahu (Institute of Physics-India), R.K. Choudhury (Institute of Physics-India) and P. Jena (Department of Physics-Va.) Nova Science Publishers, Inc; 400 Oser Ave., Suite 1600, Hauppauge NY; 11788-3619.c
  • Chapter 47. Catalytic Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes from Acetylene using Alloy Hydride Materials as Catalysts and their Hydrogen Storage Properties; pp. 451-457 (M.M. Shaijumon and S. Ramaprabhu) NANOTECHNOLOGY AT THE LEADING EDGE Editors: Eugene V. Dirote; Nova Science Publishers, Inc; 400 Oser Ave., Suite 1600; Hauppauge NY11788-3619 USA
  • Chapter 2. Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes using Novel Alloy Hydride Catalysts by Thermal CVD and their Energy-Related Applications; pp. 29-63 (Dr. Sundara Ramaprabhu and Mancheri M. Shaijumon, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India).
  • SCIENCE TEXT BOOK Chairperson of Textbook Advisory Committee : Dr. Sundara Ramaprabhu Publisher: Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.