Birabar Ranjith Kumar Nanda


Physics ,

2021-present: Professor

2016-2021: Associate Professor

2010-2016: Assistant Professor

044 - 2257 4887

Research Areas

  • Condensed Matter Theory (Electronic Structure)

Selected Journal Publications

  • Development of short and long-range magnetic order in the double perovskite based frustrated triangular lattice antiferromagnet Ba 2 MnTeO 6 J. Khatua,  T. Arh, Panchanana Khuntia and Birabar Ranjit Kumar Nanda (9 authors) 2021 | Nature Research 

  • Metal–insulator transition in epitaxial Ga-doped ZnO films via controlled thickness J. Mukherjee, Mamidanna Sri Ramachandra Rao and Birabar Ranjit Kumar Nanda 2021 | IOP Publishing Ltd 

  • A generic Slater-Koster description of the electronic structure of centrosymmetric halide perovskites R. Kashikar,  M. Gupta and Birabar Ranjit Kumar Nanda 2021 | American Institute of Physics Inc.   

  • Evidence for weak-antilocalization–weak-localization crossover and metal-insulator transition in CaCu3Ru4O12 thin films S. Jana,  S.G. Bhat, ..., Birabar Ranjit Kumar Nanda and  D. Samal (7 authors) 2021 | IOP Publishing Ltd 

  • Electronic structure of graphene/TiO2 interface: Design and functional perspectives Somnath Chanda Roy 2021 | Elsevier B.V.  

  • Fluorine Intercalated Graphene: Formation of a 2D Spin Lattice through Pseudoatomization S. B. Mishra, S. K. Yadav, D. G. Kanhere, and B. R. K. Nanda Physical Review Materials Year: 2020 

  • Pressure and Inversion Symmetry Breaking Field Driven First Order Phase Transition and Formation of Dirac Circle in Perovskites A. Kore, R. Kashikar, M. Gupta, P Singh, and B. R. K. Nanda Physical Review B  Year: 2020 

  • Defining the topological influencers and predictive principles to engineer the band structure of halide perovskites R. Kashikar, M. Gupta, and B. R. K. Nanda Physical Review B Volume: 101 Page: 155102  Year: 2020 

  • Mechanistic Understanding of NO2 Dissociation on a Rutile TiO2 (110) Surface: An Electronic Structure Study S. Marutheeswaran, S. B. Mishra, S. C. Roy, and B. R. K. Nanda The Journal of Physical Chemistry C   Volume: 124 Page: 8786  Year: 2020 

  • Maximizing Short Circuit Current Density and Open Circuit Voltage in Oxygen Vacancy-Controlled Bi1–xCaxFe1–yTiyO3−δ Thin-Film Solar Cells S. Nandy, K. Kaur, S. Gautam, K. H. Chae, B. R. K. Nanda, and C. Sudakar ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesVolume: 12 Page: 14105  Year: 2020 

  • Stretchable and dynamically stable promising two-dimensional thermoelectric materials: ScP and ScAs K. Kaur, D. Murali, B. R. K. Nanda Journal of Materials Chemistry A Volume: 7 Page: 12604 Year: 2019 

  • Shifting of Fermi level and realization of topological insulating phase in the oxyfluoride BaBiO2F B. Khamari, B.R. K. Nanda Materials Research Express Volume: 6 Page: 066309  Year: 2019

Research Projects

  • Topological Insulator,Bramhachari Khamari, Ravi Kashikar,Birabar Ranjit Kumar Nanda
  • Investigation of CO2 adsorption and reduction on anatase TiO2 using electronic structure calculations,Shashi Bhusan,Aditya Choudhary,Somnath C. Roy,Birabar Ranjit Kumar Nanda

Awards & Recognitions