Krithika Narayanaswamy

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering ,

2015-present: Assistant Professor


Research Areas

  • Combustion chemistry, Reaction kinetics, Surrogate fuels

  • Development of chemical kinetic schemes to describe the oxidation of real fuels using mechanism reduction methods.

  • Predicting global combustion characteristics of conventional and alternative fuels and interpreting these observations based on insights gained from molecular level kinetic descriptions.

Selected Journal Publications

  • A data-driven framework to predict ignition delays of straight-chain alkanes Combustion Theory and Modelling 2022-06-16 | Journal article,Contributors: Pragneshkumar Rajubhai Rana; Krithika Narayanaswamy; Sivaram Ambikasaran

  •  Oxidation kinetics of methyl crotonate: A comprehensive modeling and experimental study Article Combustion and Flame, Volume 229, Year 2021  

  • Reduced mechanism for flames of propane, n-butane, and their mixtures for application to burners: Development and validation Article International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, Volume 53, Year 2021, Pages 731-750   

  • Experimental and computational investigation of extinction and autoignition of propane and n- heptane in nonpremixed flows Article Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Year 2020  

  • Experimental and kinetic modeling studies on the auto-ignition of methyl crotonate at high pressures and intermediate temperatures S.K. Vallabhuni ., P.N. Johnson ., B. Shu ., K. Narayanaswamy ., R.X. Fernandes ., Article Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Year 2020 

  • Combined kinetic model for high-temperature oxidation of methyl crotonate, methyl butanoate and n-dodecane as components for biodiesel surrogate Johnson, Praise  oah;Narayanaswamy, Krithika Conference Paper 12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, ASPACC 2019, Year 2019

  • A compact kinetic model for high temperature oxidation of MMA using DRGEPSA Shanmugasundaram, D.;Raghavan, V.;Narayanaswamy, Krithika Conference Paper 12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, ASPACC 2019, Year 2019

  • Exploring the combustion chemistry of a novel lignocellulose-derived biofuel: cyclopentanol. Part I: quantum chemistry calculation and kinetic modeling Cai, Liming;Kröger, Leif;Döntgen, M.;Leonhard, Kai;Narayanaswamy, Krithika;Sarathy, S. Mani;Heufer, Karl Alexander;Pitsch, H. Article Combustion and Flame, Volume 210, Year 2019, Pages 490-501 

  • Experimental and modeling investigation of no formation mechanism for biodiesel and its blend with methanol Lele, Aditya;Soni,  Karan;Narayanaswamy, Krithika;Krishnasamy, Anand Conference Paper SAE Technical Papers, Volume 2019-April, Year 2019 

  • Experimental and computational investigation of the influence of stoichiometric mixture fraction on structure and extinction of laminar, nonpremixed dimethyl ether flames Mairinger, Gerald;Khare, Rohit Sanjay;Narayanaswamy, Krithika;Hunyadi-Gall, Martin;Raghavan, Vasudevan;Seshadri, Kalyanasundaram Article Combustion Theory and Modelling, Volume 23, Year 2019, Pages 376-386 

  • Experimental Study and a Short Kinetic Model for High-Temperature Oxidation of Methyl Methacrylate Dakshnamurthy,  Shanmugasundaram;Knyazkov, Denis A.;Dmitriev, Artem M.;Korobeinichev, Oleg P.;Nilsson, Elna J.K.;Konnov, Alexander A.;Narayanaswamy, Krithika Article Combustion Science and Technology, Volume 191, Year 2019, Pages 1789-1814 

Research Projects

  •  Kinetics of renewable fuels: biodiesel surrogates, methanol, and dimethyl-ether 

  •  Kinetics of fuels relevant to fire research 

  • Simulation-driven formulation of transportation fuel surrogates

Awards & Recognitions

  • Co-PI in Indo-Russian proposal (DST) on fire retardants

  • Champion for signing MoU between IIT Madras and PTB

  • Co-PI in INNO-INDIGO proposal (DST) on biodiesel kinetics and modeling