Seshadri Sekhar A

Professor and Head of the Department

Mechanical Engineering ,

2020-present: Head of the Department IITM

2020-present: Professor-in-charge, Coordinating a Pilot E-Bus project for a sustainable public eMobility solution in the IITM campus with ABB and Ashok Leyland Limited

2018-present: Pro

+91 44 2257 4709

Research Areas

  • Rotor dynamics

  • Tribology

  • Condition monitoring and vibrations

  •  FEM

  • Stress analysis

Selected Journal Publications

  • Mukesh Chandra, P.Srikanth and A.S.Sekhar, 2020, ” Dynamic Characterization of Wind Turbine Drive Train: Aerodynamic Torque Vs Combined Loading “, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE), pp. 16-21, Volume-8, Issue-6.

  • Sagi Rathna Prasad and A.S.Sekhar, 2020 “ Detection and localization of fatigue-induced transverse crack in a rotor shaft using principal component analysis” July 2020, Structural Health Monitoring 

  • Sreedhar Babu G, A.S.Sekhar and Lingamurthy, 2019, “Diagnostics of actuation system by Hadamard product of integrated motor current residuals applied to electro-mechanical actuators”, Int. J. of Prognostics and Health Management, Vol 10(1), 022, Pages 14, 2019.

  • S. Soorajkrishna, A.S.Sekhar, and K. Shankar, 2019, “Multi-objective Optimization of rotor-bearing systems with an investigation of Goal Programming approach”, Journal of Mechanical Engg. Science, I. Mech, Part C,  Vol. 233(12) 4270–4287.

  • B Narasimha Rao and A.S.Sekhar, 2018, “Analysis of Magneto-Rheological Fluid Journal Bearing”, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Materials. 

  • Pavani Udatha, A.S.Sekhar, and Velmurugan R., (2018), “The Effect of CNT to Enhance the Dynamic Properties of Hybrid Composite Tube Shafts”, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (taylor& Francis)

  • N. Harish Chandra and A.S.Sekhar, “Hilbert Transform based FRF estimation from run-up response of rotors” Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, IMechE.E Part C, 232 (12), pp.2200-2210.2018.

  • N. Harish Chandra and A.S.Sekhar, “Wavelet Transform Based Estimation of Modal Parameters of Rotors during Operation” Measurement, vol.130, 264-278, 2018.

  • Sagi Rathna Prasad and A.S.Sekhar, “Life Estimation Of Shafts Using Vibration-Based Fatigue Analysis” Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (Springer), 32 (9) (2018) 4071-4078.

  • Vyankatesh A., Uday G., Shrikant T., Dipanand B., Sanjay H., Suraj M., Pranav D., A.S.Sekhar “Innovative Design of Toothbrush by using Product Design Principles”, International Conference on Design and Manufacturing, IITDM, Dec. 16-17, 2016 and in the Int. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Vol. 9 (09s), 90-96 (2017).

Research Projects

  • In-situ Condition Monitoring of O-ring  ( 2020-2021 ), Lam Research Corporation, USA.

  • UAY Project : Development of Fuel Flex Microturbine for Clean Power;  (2017 To 2020).

  • Dynamic analysis of tip-shrouded turbine blades,(DRDO)- (2017-2019) under DRDO– Centre of Propulsion Technology (Copt),

  • Effect of Retained Austenite on Rolling contact fatigue life of AISI 52100 Bearing Steel, (DST), (2014-17). 

  • The vibration based technique for Fatigue shaft crack detection and Life estimation of rotors, (CSIR), (2012-2015). 

  •  Design, Development and validation of algorithm for usage monitoring functions to predict remaining usage life of Helicopter gears., (HAL) (2020-22).

  • Study of turbine blade vibrations, (BHEL) (2012-14).

  •  Study of torsional vibrations of Power train of a Dump Truck (BEML)(2011-13).

  • Assembling and Testing of Precision Motion System, RAANA Semiconductors Private Limited, (06-09-2018 To 10-03-2019).

  • Development of processes for manufacturing and Prototyping of precision motion system -RAANA Semiconductors Private Limited (16-04-2018 To 15-08-2018).

  • Sesmic withstand Tests of CTs, Circuit Breakers of different companies such as BHEL, Areva, Siemens ltd (2006 - till date). 

  • Performance Testing of V- type & T- type Hydrostatic Bearing modules M/s Zetatek Industries ltd, Balanagar, Hyderabad, (2008). 

  • Analysis of Slew ring bearings, Tuticorin port trust, Tuticorin, (2008).

  • Evaluation of Chinese make Ball bearing 6306, M/s Fenner India limited, Chennai, (2009). 

  • Differential cross - tribological and material analysis, M/s Tractors And Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE), Chennai, (2009-10). 

  • CFD and Vibration analysis for duct system, M/S ALSTOM Projects India Limited, Noida, Delhi, (2009). 


  • Sagi Rathan Prasad, A. Seshadri Sekhar, K. Suresh, Experimental test rig for vibration based fatigue crack diagnostics and prognostics in the critically loaded shaft", IP49842-IDF No-1904, Patent 201941038877, filed on 26/09/19

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2020-Recognised: Listed among the World's Top 2% Scientists prepared by Stanford University 

  • 2020-Won the Unlock Ideas proposal from Lam Research Corporation, USA 

  • 2019-Recognized : in the rank list of top researchers out of 7 million researchers in the world- Ref: Ioannidis, John P.A. ; Baas, Jeroen; Klavans, Richard; Boyack, Kevin (2019), “Supplementary data tables for "A standardized citation metrics author database annotated for scientific field" (PLoS Biology 2019)”, Mendeley Data

  • On the Scientific Committee of National symposium on Rotor Dynamics (NSRD), NSRD -19, NSRD-17, NSRD-15, NSRD-13.

  • 2018-The member of Board of studies & Academic council – K L University, Vijayawada, AP, INDIA (2010-13); Member of Board of studies, Bapatla Engg college.

  • On the Scientific Committee of International Conference on Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery (VETOMAC)- VETOMAC–3 in 2004; VETOMAC-6 in 2010; VETOMAC-10 in 2014, VETOMAC XIV in 2018 held at different place in the world, latest one held at Lisbon, Portugal, Sept 10-13, 2018.

  • 2017-18-Member of technical committee for Prime Minister's Shram Awards (PMSA)

  • 2017-On the Review / Monitoring committee for DST Young Scientist Scheme, April, Sep, 2017

  • 2016-2020-Research article published in the Tribology International featured as Top cited paper in the field of Rotor dynamics" among all the journal publications (600+) during the last 5 years ; 2016-2020-Scopus.

  • 2016-present-Member of Vibration and Mechanical Shock Sectional Committee, Bureau of Indian Standards

  • 2014-Elsevier awarded recognized reviewer

  • 2011-Scientific committee on International Conference on Condition Monitoring, 25-26 February 2011, GITAM, Visakhapatnam.

  • 2010-2014-The Editorial member of the Journal of Advances in Mechanical Engineering – SAGE (earlier with Hindawi Publishing Corporation)

  • 2006-2009: The member of Board of studies – GITAM University Visakhapatnam, AP.

  • 2001-Recipient of Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship 
  • 1998-Career Award for Young Teacher, awarded by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

  • 1983-University Second Rank in B.E., Andhra University , Waltair, INDIA 

  • 1977-K.Raja Bapaiah Gold Medal in SSC, Guntur District, A.P. , INDIA 

  • 1995-1997-Institute Scheme for Innovative Research and Development (ISIRD)(awarded by IIT, Kharagpur to a few young faculty members)

  • Expert committee member for faculty selections at IITDh, IITISM, IITR, NITW, Osmanaia University, JNTU 

  • Reviewer of several journals of Elesevier ( JSV, MSSP etc), ASME, SAGE


  • "Dynamic Analysis of Rotating Systems and Applications" (co-author: Prof. B.S. Prabhu, Formally Professor at IIT Madras) ISBN 0906-522-34 - Published by Multi Science Publishing ltd,,UK, 2008