Piyush Shakya

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering ,

2016-present: Assistant Professor

+91 - 44 - 2257 4663



Research Areas

  • Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis

  • Structural Health Monitoring

  •  Machine Elements (Rolling element bearings and gears)

  • Signal Processing

Selected Journal Publications

  • Bearing fault diagnosis and prognosis using data fusion based feature extraction and feature selection Sandaram Buchaiah and Piyush Shakya article Measurement, Volume 188, Year 2022, Pages 110506  

  • An approach to improve high-frequency resonance technique for bearing fault diagnosis Article Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, Volume 178, Year 2021 

  • A robust condition monitoring methodology for grinding wheel wear identification using Hilbert Huang transform Article Precision Engineering, Volume 70, Year 2021, Pages 77-91 

  • Rolling Element Bearing Fault Diagnosis by Different Data Fusion Techniques Sandaram Buchaiah ., Piyush Shakya .,Conference Paper Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Year 2021, Pages 341-350 

  • Spur gear crack modelling and analysis under variable speed conditions using variational mode decomposition Article Mechanism and Machine Theory, Volume 164, Year 2021

  • Early fault detection based on empirical mode decomposition method Akash Patel ., Piyush Shakya ., Conference Paper Procedia CIRP, Volume 88, Year 2020, Pages 31-35  

  • In-process characterization of surface finish in cylindrical grinding process using vibration and power signals Supriyo Mahata ., Piyush Shakya ., N. Ramesh Babu ., Pradeep K. Prakasam ., Conference Paper Procedia CIRP, Volume 88, Year 2020, Pages 335-340 

  • A comparison of the prognostic approaches for rolling element bearings Shakya P.;Darpe A.;Kulkarni M. Conference Paper Proceedings of ISMA 2018 - International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering and USD 2018 - International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics, Year 2018, Pages 971-980

Research Projects

  • Digital Twin of Sensor Integrated Smart Bearing, Lam Research ,Dr. Sivasrinivasu Devadula (PI), Dr. Piyush Shakya (Co-PI) & Dr. Ratna Kumar Annabattula (Co-PI)

  • Development Of Algorithm Of Prognostic Tool For Maintenance Of Helicopter Gears Funding Agency : Hindustan Aeronautics Limited  Principal Investigator (Pi)  2020 - 2022

  • In-situ Condition Monitoring of O-ring Funding Agency : Lam Research Corporation Co-Principal Investigator  2020 - 2021

  • Severity quantification of defects in rolling element bearings Funding Agency : Science and Engineering Research Board  Principal investigator (PI)  2017 - 2020

  • Automation of grinding process intelligence Funding Agency : Department of Heavy Industry Co-Principal investigator (Co-PI)   2016 - 2019


  • Crankshaft for an internal combustion engine C. Subramoniam, K. S. Sathiyanarayanan, and P. Shakya Patent No. 319901  Engineering and Technology  Published Filed 2009-03-25  Published 2011-12-16

  •  Diagnosis and prognosis of bearings for machine tool applications A. K. Darpe, M. S. Kulkarni, and P. Shakya Engineering and Technology  Pending Filed 2015-01-20  Published 2016-08-19

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2004-2005: Institute silver medal, awarded by IIT Madras, for securing the highest C.G.P.A. in the 7th and 8th semesters of the Dual Degree in Mechanical Engineering [Product Design]

  • 2004-2006: GE foundation scholarship, awarded by GE Bangalore, for “Academic and leadership excellence” during Dual Degree