Satyanarayan R.Chakravarthy


Aerospace Engineering ,

2009-present: Professor

+91-44 2257 4011

Research Areas

  • Fuel Cells, Combustion, Energy Conversion, Solid propellants, Combustion dynamics, Laser diagnostics and Spray characterization.

Selected Journal Publications

  • Predicting Onset of Combustion Instability in Gas Turbines Using Fiber Optic Sensors Article IEEE Sensors Journal, Volume 21, Year 2021, Pages 2980-2988 

  • Predicting Onset of Combustion Instability in Gas Turbines Using Fiber Bragg Grating Pressure Sensors Conference Paper Springer Proceedings in Physics, Volume 258, Year 2021, Pages 161-164 

  • Experimental investigation into the role of mean flame stabilization on the combustion dynamics of high-hydrogen fuels in a turbulent combustor Article Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Volume 143, Year 2021 

  • 3D convolutional selective autoencoder for instability detection in combustion systems Article Energy and AI, Volume 4, Year 2021

  •  Role of pumping and wrinkle propagation mechanisms in exciting different acoustic-modes in turbulent syngas combustion Article International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 46, Year 2021, Pages 13413-13429 

  • Experimental Investigation of Combustion Instability in Syngas Turbulent Combustor Conference Paper Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Year 2021, Pages 901-908 

  • Effect of Fuel Composition on Thermoacoustic Instability in a Turbulent Combustor Conference Paper Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Year 2021, Pages 891-900   

  • Combustion behaviour of composite sandwich propellants containing RDX Gnanaprakash K.;Chakravarthy S.R.;Jayaraman K.;Appu H.;Singh D.;Rohit ;Ananthram article Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Volume 38, Year 2021, Pages 4451-4459 

Research Projects


  •  A method of holding flame with no combustion instability, low pollutant emissions, least pressure drop and flame temperature in a gas turbine combustor and a gas turbine combustor to perform the methodMuruganandam T M ,Chennai,In | Chakravarthy S R,Chennai,In | Preethi R. S.,Chennai,In | Rajabharathi N.,Chennai,In | Deepika V.,Chennai,In | Shanmugaprabhu S.,Chennai,In Patent No. Us20190301369a1  Published Filed 2019-01-15  Published 2019-10-03

  •  A Swirl Mesh Lean Direct Injection Concept For Distributed Flame Holding For Low Pollutant Emissions And Mitigation Of Combustion Instability Muruganandam T.M,Chennai 600036,In | Chakravarthy S.R, | Preethi R.S,Chennai 600036,In | Rajabharathi N.,Chennai 600036,In | Deepika V.,Chennai 600036,In | Shanmugaprabhu S.,Perumanallur Tiruppur 641666,In Patent No. Ep3485197a1  Published Filed 2017-07-14  Published 2019-05-22

  • Mixture Preparation Unit For Port Fuel Injected Engines Chakravarthy Anand Thirumalai Nallan | Jain Saransh  Indian Institute Of Technology Madras Patent No. In201500375i4  Completed Filed 2015-01-27  Published 2016-07-29

  • A Device And A Language Technology For Indian Languages Chakravarthy V. Srinivasa  Indian Institute Of Technology Madras Patent No. In201205385i4  Completed Filed 2012-12-24  Published 2015-10-30

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2018-Served as a colloquium co-chair on Solid Fuels Combustion at the 37th International Symposium on Combustion at Dublin, Ireland in July 2018

  • 2015-2018: Member of the editorial board of the Progress in Energy and Combustion Science journal

  • 2010-Dalmia-HEMSI-ACHREM Award in High Energy Materials

  • 2009 - Young Faculty Recognition Award

  • 2009-DRDO Academic Excellence Award

  • 2003-Young Engineer Award from the Indian National Academy of Engineering 

  • Aeronautical Society of India -Member