Industrial Energy Assessment Cell (IEAC)

The goal of IEAC is to help India’s large and small industries reduce energy consumption through assessments and evaluated technological solutions.

IEAC in numbers


Man hours

18 Firms

Detailed assessments

14.5 Cr

Savings recommended

10.2 Cr

Savings implementedd

50-200 Cr

Turnover range of firms

Motivation for IEAC

The motivation for IEAC is the critical need for an agile and efficient manufacturing sector to accelerate India’s sustainable industrial growth.

Key benefits to industries

  • The foremost benefit to industries will be significant reduction in their energy consumption – leading to financial savings as well as lower carbon footprint for their operations.
  • Many of these benefits can be realized within a short period of time if the suggested implementations are carried out.
  • The plant personnel will also benefit by becoming aware of best practices from the rest of the industry.

Who can benefit from IEAC

While the assessments from IEAC can benefit any industrial sector that uses significant amounts of electricity and/or heat, the following sectors can realize quick benefits:

  • Automotive & auto components
  • Cement & construction
  • Chemicals & fertilizers
  • Engineering goods & machinery
  • Food & beverage
  • Oil & gas
  • Pharma
  • Textiles & apparel


The IEAC methodology comprises two main stages:

Stage 1: Plant visit

Stage 2: Reports and follow-ups

The team will conduct a one-day plant site visit and study electricity, gas/oil, air. stream and other streams, and discuss plant operations with top management personnel.

During this visit, the team will also set up online sensors to log real-time data for energy and waste streams.

Findings are quantified and typical issues related to this class of plants will be listed.

A final report is sent within six weeks of the visit

This report will suggest means of optimizing energy consumption that will result in considerable energy & financial savings

Follow-ups will be done eight weeks and six months after receipt of the report.

The IEAC Team

The assessments will be done by industry and subject experts supported by faculty &  research scholars.

This is an Interdisciplinary effort, with faculty from many engineering streams and economics departments involved. Some prominent departments from IIT Madras participating in this effort are:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Humanities & Social Sciences

Work done so far

IEAC has already completed multiple detailed and walk through assessments, and provided technological solutions that will help each industry obtain savings in the range 7-15%

Prominent sectors for which assessments have been done include food industry, textiles & apparel, and the engineering sector.

The IEAC assessments are provided free of cost by IIT Madras.*


Interested? Please contact the following executive from IEAC
Ramachandran Narayanan
Sr. Project Advisor
Industrial Energy Assessment Cell (IEAC)

*: Conditions apply